It’s been awhile since I’ve posted (Ok, a long time).   But life happens -so I’ll try to start again.  A blessing lately has been learning to pray out loud.  It’s … Continue Reading →

Job – the Social Media version

Here is a crazy attempt at a Social Media version of the book of Job.  Not sure how well it worked – but her goes….   Mr. Job (@Job123) God … Continue Reading →

Racism has a long history – even in the Bible

One of my friends told me about a recent personal experience with racism – where an innocent question lead to a mean response with racist overtones.  I was deeply saddened by … Continue Reading →

What the VW scandal teaches us about our faith and values

I was reading the other morning an article about the VW scandal as I ponder a lot lately what could lead to the type of decision that they made.  One … Continue Reading →

Identity – the questions

Who am I?  It’s one of the most basic human questions.  We struggle with who we are – what our identity is.  Am I smart?  Am I pretty?  Am I … Continue Reading →

New Web Host

God Loves Andrew is now running on a new web host. Hopefully I didn’t screw too many things up 🙂

The disciples are a bunch of bozos

Apparently I started writing this back in 2014 so maybe I should publish it…. Growing up I remember watching a show called the Bozo show – on the WGN channel. … Continue Reading →

It’s not about me – but what God does through me

For many years I’ve had this phrase running through my head: It’s not about me – but what God does through me.  When I think about the Bible as an … Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Larry Brand on Ephesians 6

A friend of mine at my Friday morning men’s group – Larry Brand –  read the following reflection on Ecclesiastes 6.  I thought it was profound and offered to post … Continue Reading →

Evil and Good in the same person

There is a scene in the movie First Knight where King Arthur (played by Sean Connery) is talking with Lancelot (Richard Gere).  The words below have echoed in my mind for … Continue Reading →