Drawn to Him?

As I’ve been working on my Matthew Visual Bible Study I find myself drawn to the character of Jesus portrayed in this video – to that smile.  There’s something magical in the face of the actor who portrays Jesus.  When I first say these videos I think I was shocked by the thought of a smiling Jesus -a  happy Jesus.  A Jesus who joked with the disciples – how wasn’t just a melancholy scholar.  This blew out a lot of who I realized I thought Jesus was – how we acted, what he was….

Recently as I’ve revisited this series something has attracted me back to that face – to that wonderful joyful person who this movie portrays.  I want to know him – to spend time with him. I also have been to some powerful worship services – places where I feel more free to energetically praise him – which is also wonderful.  I feel like something’s going on – as I find myself less interested in TV – in wanting to stop working on other things and just think about him.

Could he be really this wonderful – not just in a theological sense – of the God who sacrificed himself for us – but someone I want to spend time with, to be around.  Someone I want a real relationship with – not just a thing – but a person.  I’m not sure that I understand what’s going on – and I’m not sure that I want to.   I’m just finding it wonderful to think of a Jesus who smiled – who loved so deeply – who loved me so much.  I think I want to know that Jesus.


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