Image of God in Relationships

The other morning I heard a song on the radio that sounded really familiar – “there’s a God shaped hole in all of us”…..  Then I remember where I heard it – on the movie Bruce Almighty (Jim Carrey).  This is one of two fascinating movies (the other is Evan Almighty) that present an interesting view of God.

I pondered why there is a hole in us and thought about what it says in Genesis – that we are made in the image of God.  So if we believe there is something missing in us – something core to our being -that  without a relationship with God we are incomplete – it must be by design.   It was very intentional on God’s part to make us this way – to need a relationship with him.

So if we are made in the image of God – a reflection of him – doesn’t that mean we need to understand who God is to know what that means.  We typically describe God as the creator of the universe, as all-powerful,  all-knowing, one who existed before everything.  Unfortunately these traits don’t translate as well to us – as they are really define the difference between God and us.

I think one aspect of God (from a Christian point of view) helps me understand me is the Trinity.  In some ways the Trinity is the most confusing part of Christianity – as it doesn’t make sense in many ways – 3 and 1 at the same time – a paradox.  But there is one aspect I do understand that is so powerful – that God is in relationship with himself.

The Father is in relationship with the Son (Jesus!) and the Jesus in relationship with the Father (read the Gospels and see the interaction) and the Holy Spirit is in relationship with them both.  In what makes Christianity unique is that God presents himself to us in terms of relationship – that a core part of God is relationship.  There is love flowing in healthy relationship within God in some amazing way. Read “The Shack” for a provoking view of this.

And this is the hole in our hearts – the need for relationship with him.  We are made in his image so relationship is a part of who we are.  We see this in our need for friends, for family, spouses, etc. – but we often miss the most important relationship – with him.  We have this wonderful God who desperately seeks a relationship with us.  He valued that relationship so much that he gave of himself to get it.

So the tragedy of the human race is that we spend some much time and energy filling that hole with other things.  Dealing with the God of the universe – even in the form of Jesus -is disturbing and unsettling.  It’s not something we can control – at all – which most of us hate.  Other things (too numerous to mention) are cheap substitutes – but we have some control of them (even though they often take more control of our lives than we realize).  They’re easier in a way, definitely more safe and easier to understand.  Sometimes the muck we live in feels safer than the unknown of the better.

And it’s not just the “elephants” in the room  that we focus on – but the little mice running around.  For me it can be simple things – like turning of the TV and listening to music.  To thinking about God, paying attention to my family instead of technology.  For me sometimes I need God to be loud – to get my attention away from other things – to remind me how much he loves me and how much I love him.

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