Circle of Control and God

I wrote earlier (Don’t own what’s not yours) about the tragedy of the human race – in that we spend some much of our time and energy focused on what we can’t control instead of what we can control.  And it’ still true – that where we should spend our time is on what we can control – ourselves – and not on what others are doing, what’s going on the world, etc.  It’s not that we shouldn’t care – but where is the best place to use our time and energy.

But I wonder if as Christian I am called to something more than just self control (which is good) but God control.  I wonder if he calls me to invite him into my circle of control – to influence my behavior, my actions, my heart attitudes – who I really am inside.  Do I invite the cross into my life, do I live on bended knees to my creator, my savior?

Again self-control is good – it keeps us from being completely stupid and making a mess of our lives – but it only goes so far.  Should I have control of my tongue – YES.  It’s good to stop myself from saying a hurtful thing, from using foul language, from tearing down instead of building up.  It’s good to smile at the car who cuts you off instead of ranting and raving at them. It’s good to choose a positive attitude in dealing with a difficult person – instead of acting out of how you really feel.

But is that enough?  Is that all we are called to – is to be nice?  Jesus said some things that make me think maybe there is more:

  • Jesus says (in Matthew 5) that calling a brother a fool will put you in danger of hell – what words are the equivalent of murder.
  • Jesus says (in Matthew 15) that it’s what comes out of a person that is unclean – not what goes in.
  • In Matthew 6 tells us that where our treasure is – there our heart will be also.
  • In Mathew 19 Jesus calls us to the impossible

I wonder where the cursing, the anger, the stupid words (that I can choose to not say) come from.  Is it from a heart that is not in harmony with God?  God calls us to the impossible – not just the difficult.  Does he accomplish that by working deep inside me – to the marrow of my soul?

Are we called to be a people that doesn’t feel the need to curse someone who cuts us off – but genuinely doesn’t get upset about it – as we know it’s not worth it.  That God has taken root into our hearts such that the anger is gone, the need to show off and make our points loudly is gone.  That there is a deep peace in our soul that comes only from knowing our creator deeply and letting him change us from the inside.

I wonder then if, by letting God into our circle of control it actually affects all of the circles.  That we can see God at work in what we can influence (and we do it better with him than without him).  That we also see him at work in what we care about –but don’t have control or influence over.  That we realize there is a sovereign caring God at work in the world around us –inviting us to take place in what he’s doing – not necessarily what we’re doing.

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