God and the Prime Directive

I was listening to a podcast from Techstuff about the Tech of Doctor Who the other day.  This, along with Star Trek, is one of my favorite science fiction shows.  One of the interesting things they mentioned was that the Time Lords (of whom the Doctor was a rogue member) had a policy of non-interference.

This is the same philosophy of the Prime Directive in Star Trek – in that people realized that even trying to help another less advanced people often resulted in a mess – causing more harm than good.  That society realized it’s not smart enough to know the impact of it’s actions.   And these stories are our stories – the authors are talking about themselves and the society they live in through the mythical one.

I have a similar ethical philosophy – in that I don’t trust myself to always know what’s best – what will not cause harm.  I look to God for the wisdom to know what’s best.  I figure he’s a lot smarter and wiser than I am – that doing what he says is a much better way to live.  While the ideal of just trying not to hurt other people is good – it depends on us knowing how to do that…

That’s also why I believe so strongly in the Bible – in that it’s the wisdom of God for us humans.  For me it’s an accountability thing – that I hold myself accountable to the wisdom of God in the pages of the Bible.  If he said something is not smart – well, I need to follow that even if I don’t like it.  If he says something is good -then I need to accept that even if it doesn’t look good now.  It’s also a shared accountability as Christians – we can go to the Bible for answers if we don’t agree.

And I think it’s important to understand too that what’s written in the Bible – how God tells us to live our lives – wasn’t made up just to make our lives miserable.  It isn’t a power trip by someone – or a galactic joke on us.  Instead it’s the wisdom of God on how to best live our lives – and warnings of the consequences if we don’t.  I believe we live in a rational world (even if we’re not) and that choices yield consequences  – good and bad.

So if we don’t do what he says – there are consequences  – not punishment – rational consequences.  So I believe that following God – doing what the Bible says – is the best way to avoid those consequences for myself and others.  I don’t always get it right – but it’s the best way I know.  And even more importantly I know the one who tells us what to do.  I trust him not just for what he says – but for what he’s done.

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