Beginnings – the story of us

We were created out of love – out of a relationship.  In the beginning God created us – God in relationship with himself.  Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit in communion together created us – a wonderful mystery.  Relationships are at the heart of who God is – and who we are.

God is good – and he made a good creation – but we kinda messed it up.  God was so daring that he created something that could break his heart – to walk away from him.  To leave the wonderful, safe and fulfilling relationship with him – to do our own thing.  The very act of creating us was risky – as it risked God himself.

That simple choice – to let us choose – changed history.  In the garden things were good – they were great – but that’s not what we choose.  We choose to do it our own way – setting in motion a series of events that resulted in Jesus on the cross – for us.  God took that painful risk on because he loved us so much.

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