Birth – a strange thing

Birth – it’s such a strange thing – something of both pain and joy.  For women this can be both the most painful and rewarding time of their lives.  For many men it’s both joyful and confusing.  It’s a beginning – when a life starts – and we celebrate that.  What’s interesting is that we don’t celebrate what is – as much as we celebrate what is to come.

That’s what’s interesting about Christmas – how we (at least some of us) celebrate the birth of Christ.  We revel and glory in the wonder of it – the joy of it – the hope.  But what we really celebrate is what Jesus has done – in his death.  Death is a hard thing for us – but it’s a time of remembering what was done – of who the person was.  It’s looking back – not looking forward.

We celebrate the birth of Christ because of what we know he has done – save us from ourselves.  We don’t celebrate just that a baby is born – but what it represents for us – the greatest hope of the world.  Born out of pain was the greatness of a savior born – which the Angels themselves celebrated.  His painful death on the cross was of greater significance – as one of the worst moments of human history was also its greatest.

Life can be so strange sometimes – that what we think we want is often not what we want – or enjoy.  That the pain we avoid can also mean we are avoiding some of the best moments of our lives.   Sometimes it’s incredibly confusing to me – that I’m lost in what’s going on.  That I miss the small things in life – focusing on my own seemingly more important stuff.

I guess what I’m saying is that celebrating the birth of Christ isn’t a small thing – it’s a big thing as we celebrate all that he has done for us.  And that we should continue that celebration throughout the year – especially with our families.

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