Acts of Reactive Kindness

I’ve watched the movie “Evan Almighty” quite a few times and find quite a few spiritual gems hidden within it. One of the themes of the movie is ARK – Acts of Random Kindness.  While this is wonderful idea as a follower of Christ I think he’s called me to more – to Acts of Reactive Kindness. That kindness doesn’t just happen randomly – but with both great intentions and reacting to the world around us.

I think one on level the random kindness is good – in that we react to the needs around us.  We see a need – we fill it.  We are perceptive to what is going around us – we see with God’s eyes – see with his compassion, his mercy and his love.  We think of other’s needs above our own – without really thinking about it.

On the other hand – kindness can be intentional.  We choose to react out of God’s love living in us.  This year for Christmas I was bound and determined to making giving part of our celebration.  So we choose to support Operation Christmas Child – to involve my children with it.  It was still a reaction – a reaction to what God has done for us – that celebrating his life naturally involves giving to others.

We also gave presents to some single parents at our church.  This wasn’t as planned –but it was a strong reaction to what God has done for us (that was quite sobering – as the parents asked for things like coats and shoes – not toys).   I think there is a blessedness to life when we naturally react in love and kindness to the needs around us.

It’s also blessed when we act out of the love of Christ to intentionally show kindness to those around us.  While it’s wonderful when it’s natural – it’s also an offering to God to be obedient to the life he calls us to.  So kindness doesn’t have to be random and unplanned – but can be a very intentional choice to help others… My family plans on budgeting to help others for next Christmas – so this is a planned activity – but is still based out of a reaction to both what God has done for me and what he has called me to.

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