Arguing with God?

I was reading the other day Genesis 18 – a fascinating exchange between Abraham and God.  Abraham does something here we are not supposed to do – he argues with God.  God is ready to destroy Sodom and Abraham has a long argument with God about it.  He talks back to God – confronts him directly – not pleading or begging.

I find this fascinating – the concept of arguing with God – in that it’s OK.  It feels like something you’re not supposed to do – to argue with the creator of the Universe.  And maybe that’s the point – you don’t argue with the creator but you talk directly with a friend, a father, a brother.  Abraham had a direct relationship with God – he talked with him normally – like a real person.  There was no ceremony, no ornate method to it – just God and Abraham talking (especially Abraham entering into a trust relationship with God).

And then it happens again in the Bible – look at Exodus 3 and4 – it’s Moses (yes – from the movie)  turn to argue with God.  He has quite a few reasons – they won’t believe me,  I can’t talk very well, etc.  And here’s a great line: “Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else.” – he says this after God reminds him he made his mouth, after he made his staff a snake, the burning bush, actually talking with God – nothing at all dramatic.

I just find this fascinating and wonderful – how the Bible portrays our humanity just like it is.  Frankly Moses seems pretty pathetic here – like a kid saying I can’t find my shoes (because they didn’t look).  God eventually seems to say fine -I’ll send your brother Aaron with you do to a lot of the talking.  He doesn’t turn Moses into a barbecue stick or abandon him – he uses him.  This is the same Moses who stood up to Pharaoh,  crossed the Red Sea – the whole commandments thing – kinda of a major figure in the Bible.

So there’s hope for the rest of us bumbling and confused people – that we can be honest with God and he can still use us.  Sometimes I think it’s almost better when we’re incompetent – as God shines through more….

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