Wisdom and Seduction

Sometimes the Bible again reinforces my belief in it – as it tells it like it is.  I was reading Proverbs 7 the other day and reflecting on how the writer uses the metaphor of seduction – the wayward woman – as a metaphor for leaving wisdom.  I think this is a common theme – of comparing the seductive nature of women vs the seeking of wisdom.  I don’t at all consider this a slant against women – as Proverbs also holds up women of great faith.

What I think it really does it talk to men – men who are easily influenced by seduction, of the trap of evil.  The writer talks in Proverbs a lot about the consequences of sin – of ignoring wisdom.  There are practical consequences – stuff that goes well when following wisdom, stuff that doesn’t go so well.  So there is a lot of logic expressed – natural consequences to behavior, intelligence and so forth. Stuff that’s is obvious to anybody if they think about it.

But the Bible goes deeper – it again goes to the heart.  Read Proverbs 7 again – is it an intellectual argument?  Or is it talking to our hearts – how the lure of seduction, the words of folly being whispered into our hearts,  tempt us?  Can you feel the lure?  Can you imagine watching a friend do what’s described?  Can you feel the pain that the young man is about to introduce into his life?

But there is hope – following wisdom – following God is the right path.  Paul reminds us in Romans 7 where our hope lies – in Jesus Christ who delivers us!  Read Proverbs – but don’t forget to ask God for wisdom – he will grant it to you (though sometimes not in ways you want).

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