Jesus and his parents

I began reading the Gospel of Luke today and was struck by how strange it must have been to be Jesus’s parents.   How strange the sequence of events that happens – each building on the other.  Most parents feel a bit lost bringing up a kid – but this kid is another league.

I was thinking from Joseph’s perspective what it was like:

  1. He finds out his fiancee is pregnant by someone else.
  2. God tells him to marry her anyway – he’s behind this.
  3. He has to travel back to Bethlehem with a very pregnant wife.
  4. While there the crisis he must have feared happens – she gives birth with nowhere to go.
  5. He’s stuck in a stable – but with a child and mother who survived the childbirth.
  6. But while in that awkward situation suddenly a bunch of shepherds show up looking for his infant son.  They come with this wild story of Angels appearing to them and telling them to come find the child.  We’re told Mary kept these things in her heart but we don’t know what Joseph did.
  7. While at the the temple one old guy comes up and praises God for this infant – saying now he can die in peace. (Interesting that he talks about a sword piercing Mary’s heart – but not Joseph’s).
  8. Then an old widow comes along  and praises God for this same infant.
  9. They have a few normal years – until when he’s 12 he gives them a terrible scare when they think they lost him.
  10. And his response to their angst isn’t I’m sorry – but asking them why they didn’t think to look for him in his father’s house (his heavenly father -not his earthly father).

I wonder if Joseph all along had to think this is beyond me – that God’s going to have to help with this.  I wonder if he prayed a lot to God to make sense of these things.  Did he always have a different feeling about Jesus vs. his other sons?  Was he proud of him?  Do you think he knew that at some point he must get out of the picture of Jesus’s life – so that Jesus could focus on his heavenly father?

I ponder this as a parent myself – a parent who is often lost on what to do with my kids.  A parent is who is slowly and painfully learning to ask God for help – lots and lots of help.   Sometimes life is both so strange and so wonderful – and we completely miss the wonderful.  God help us to be good parents – parents who depend and trust you for the wisdom and strength to be a parent.

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