Why should we give God glory?

For a long time it often rubbed me the wrong way when someone would say the purpose of life is to bring glory to God.  It came off to me as somewhat self-centered of God to set this up where our purpose is simply to tell him how great and powerful he is (even though it’s true).  And if you really think about it – God doesn’t need it.  Why would the “I AM” – the creator of the universe – need our praise?

I finally got a better insight into this a few years ago as I read a book by Max Lucado – It’s Not About Me.  Max Lucado directly addresses this concept – of why God would want us to give him glory.  He gives us a picture of someone drowning in the water in the dark of the night.  There is a lifeboat nearby – but it can’t easily be seen in the darkness.  So what you want the pilot of the lifeboat to do – keep quiet or shout aloud so we know where he is.  What would you want the fellow passengers – people who had just been rescued themselves to do?  Wouldn’t you want them to shout aloud – the lifeboat is over here!  Shine a light, sound a horn – let everyone know where the rescue lies.

So it finally made sense to me – I need to give God glory as I’m pointing others to our rescuer.  God wants me to point to him, to shout about him, to make him known to others – so he can save them.  It’s not for him – it’s for us.  My life is to shout and point to the redeemer – the one who can save us from the darkness we are drowning in.  He’s good, he’s great, he’s wonderful, he’s loving, he’s trustworthy, he can save you.  See what’s he done for me – see how good he is.  That when my life points to my redeemer I get to be a part of him saving others.

Maybe that’s the other part – that I give him glory because I need to.  I need to be a part of something bigger, something better, something wonderful.  When I praise him, worship him it doesn’t change God – it changes me.  It helps me put my life in perspective – as my focus is on something other than me.  It’s amazing how it can fill me with joy to shout out how good he is – how he’s God and I’m not.  Maybe when we celebrate God we honor something in ourselves – something that makes us better.

So I think I get it now – my life has more value and meaning when it points to the one who makes it have meaning and value.  To worship the creator of the Universe is a privilege – a great honor.   To be apart of his great work – his grand plan to save us from ourselves – is a privilege.

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