The Journey – Spiritual Parenting (by Michelle Anthony)

The journey with Spiritual Parenting – by Michelle Anthony – is underway for my family.  I’ve read through the book once and am re-reading it with more intensity now (especially that it’s on my Kindle).  We’re also taking a class at Life Church on this book – so I hope to share some of what I’ve learned (and struggle with) over the next few weeks.

Quickly I can say that I expect this to be transformational for me and my family – as the content is deep and convicting.  I expect me to be different – in how I think and relate to my children.  I expect that God will be more a focus of our family than before – with the words coming out my mouth.

So if you haven’t heard or read of this book I highly encourage you to consider it.  Here is a promo for the class:

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