Your story – what will your narration be?

SpiritualParentingAs I continue to work on the concepts from the book Spiritual Parenting I keep learning (thank God).  Recently I was talking with my kids about the “Big God Story” (in fact reading the book).  They we’re a bit surprised when I asked them if they we’re part of that Big God Story.

As I think about my story – the story of my life and God working in it – I realize I have some choices.  If we listen to the way we talk and react to things we can realize how we are interpreting events. Then when we tell our story that interpretation is revealed to others.

A simple example is around money – something we all think and talk about.  We’ve all experienced how we have some money – then some event happens where we need to spend that money to address it.  The reality is that we had money and then spent it to meet a need.

The choice comes in how we interpret that – how we tell the story:

  1. We say things like it seems like every time I have money something comes along to take it.
  2. We say things like we we’re blessed with the money just in time to need it

This is pretty simple – but it has a powerful effect on our attitudes about life.  I can think of many conversations where I’ve heard the first option – possibly from my own mouth.  Now I choose the 2nd option – where I acknowledge it as a blessing – not a problem.  I choose to live in gratitude for what I have been given – instead of focusing on what I don’t have.

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