Life without kids is easier – but empty

rfcd6e3mdmbdmrl71v9tkucy1cmmeb1Proverbs 14:4 – Without oxen a stable stays clean,  but you need a strong ox for a large harvest.

Short post this morning – but I wanted to share a “kid” related observation to this passage.  When I read this passage the other morning I realized it was more than just about livestock (something I know so much about…).

It’s about life – about how it’s less complicated to not have an “oxen” – but it’s empty.  For me my kids immediately came to mind -how they genuinely make life much more complicated.  I’m sure most parents would attest to the fact that life can become crazy with kids – especially when they are sick or having problems (what’s sleep?).

But without those kids (or people in general) life is as empty as that stable without an ox.  For a time it seems nice (you don’t have to clean as much in either case) – but something will be missing.   I need to remember that when things get complicated and crazy – that there is joy and meaning despite it.  That I need to move through the pain and confusion to get to the joy and peace.

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