It’s not about me – but what God does through me

not_meFor many years I’ve had this phrase running through my head: It’s not about me – but what God does through me.  When I think about the Bible as an overall story that phrase comes to mind with so many of the characters in the book.  Many of them weren’t much to talk about – but God worked through them.   So many times it was obvious that it was really his story – not about the people in the stories.

Frankly I don’t like it – I want it to be about me.  I want to be focus of the story, the hero – the important one.  I may want someone powerful like God to help me – but I still want to do it.  It’s about me – not anybody else – as of course I’m the most important person in the universe (everyone else who thinks that is of course incorrect).   I forget about God (and often other people) and focus on solving my problems myself – with often less than ideal consequences.

The reality is that I really don’t know what I’m doing most of the time (more so probably when I think I have a clue).  I desperately need God’s help – but my own selfishness and self-centeredness gets in the way.  I’m often quite confused about life – but am starting to lean on the one who isn’t confused at all.   There’s this really big God here – one that loves me very, very much – and is willing to use me to point people to him.

So I want to write a series about this – looking through the Bible – about how it’s not about us – but about God using us.  We are a part of the story – but not the most important part.   We bring to the table our obedience (grudgingly) and presence – and God pretty much brings everything else.  In a previous post – Why should we give God glory – I describe how I learned that part of our job is to point to God – as he is the rescuer that we all need.

Ironically that post maybe more revealing than I intended it to me – as I questioned why I need to put a lot of effort into giving God the glory.  It didn’t come to me naturally – but I had to work through it and figure out why.  But when I read the Bible it jumps out at me how much of what’s going on isn’t about the messed up people in the stories – but about the God who works through them.  This is both amusing and comforting – as if God can use them there’s hope for me.

So stay tuned (not sure what the blog equivalent of that is) – as I hope to continue to post on this over time.


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