The disciples are a bunch of bozos


Apparently I started writing this back in 2014 so maybe I should publish it….

Growing up I remember watching a show called the Bozo show – on the WGN channel.  Besides the fact it had a clown on it what I remember was the prize game.   Being the materialistic person I am somehow one of my rare childhood memories is of people tossing balls into buckets and winning prizes.   The cool thing was both the child on the show and one at home could win prizes like toys and board games.

The reason I bring this up is that I remember something from my college days (much longer ago than I want to admit) at Mizzou.  The memory I have is of a Korean student being baptized at the church I attended.  It wasn’t the baptism itself that I remember but what they said.   They basically sad something like that if the disciples we’re such bozos there is hope for me.

This Korean student had a fresh perspective on reading the New Testament – seeing Jesus and disciples for the first time.  The beauty of this “unchurched” person reading the Bible for the first time is that they see it like it really is.  For those of us who have grown up in church and heard/read the stories so many times it becomes routine.  But the reality is that what’s written in the Gospels is anything but routine – it’s extraordinary.

What’s not extraordinary is what the disciples bring to the table – they really aren’t that impressive.  The Korean student saw the truth of it and helped me see it.   Think about some of the “leaders” of the early church:

  • Many of them we’re fisherman – while a good career then – not known for it’s scholarly aspect
  • Matthew was a tax collector – while wealthy he was despised by his fellows as he was working for the Romans
  • Simon was a “zealot” – he was focused on overthrowing the Romans – which was out of sync with what Jesus was doing
  • Thomas the doubter – well, he had a lot of doubt

So if God used them I think there may be hope for you and me….

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