Hi!  My name is Andrew and I’m here to tell about how God loves me and I love him.  For many years I’ve had thoughts on my various websites – but I finally wanted a site devoted to talking about God – pondering how much he loves me and works in my life.  This site may be as much (if not more) more me than it is for someone else – a place for me to express myself and have a way to think more about God.

God has been a part of my life since I was a child – as my parents believed in God and took me to church.  It must have stuck – as I’m here now in my thirties talking about how much God loves me.  My knowledge of God keeps growing and growing over the years – as he keeps teaching me more about him and what he’s trying to do in my life.  Sometimes I’m totally lost – but even then I hold onto the fact that he loves me.

I think it was in college that my faith deepened – as I really started reading the Bible and taking faith as my own.  I actually read some books that my mom had (I may never have returned them) that challenged my faith.  I was also part of a great campus group led by a caring campus minister.  This was a great time of incubation for my faith – a time of joy and learning.

I believe in many “traditional” ideas about Christianity – but continue to learn more.  I want a faith that is real, grounded in the truth of the Bible ground out in life.  I want to live in love – in the freedom and obedience that that brings.  I believe in a rational universe – created by a rational and wonderful God.

Personally I’m a husband and father of 3 children (which I won’t reveal here for privacy reasons).  I’m also a geek – also growing up with technology.  I live in the midwest – having grown up in the suburbs of Kansas City.  I went to the the University of Missouri and got a bachelor’s degree in Forestry.  A few years ago I got a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from Keller – which I still have mixed feelings about.

Some interesting facts about me:

  • I took a final in the rain once
  • I drove to Arkansas by accident once
  • I remember when a disk drive for a computer was a major improvement
  • I love trains!

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