Job – the Social Media version

Here is a crazy attempt at a Social Media version of the book of Job.  Not sure how well it worked – but her goes….   Mr. Job (@Job123) God … Continue Reading →

Racism has a long history – even in the Bible

One of my friends told me about a recent personal experience with racism – where an innocent question lead to a mean response with racist overtones.  I was deeply saddened by … Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Larry Brand on Ephesians 6

A friend of mine at my Friday morning men’s group – Larry Brand –  read the following reflection on Ecclesiastes 6.  I thought it was profound and offered to post … Continue Reading →

I am the older brother

Recently I’ve heard the story from Luke 15 about the lost son and the faithful father many times.   This is a wonderful story that reveals the character of God … Continue Reading →

“Food” Miracles – Trust without seeing

I’ve been reading a lot lately of the “food” miracles – where the disciples come to Jesus and tell him the crowds need to leave so they can go eat. … Continue Reading →

Wisdom and Seduction

Sometimes the Bible again reinforces my belief in it – as it tells it like it is.  I was reading Proverbs 7 the other day and reflecting on how the … Continue Reading →

Arguing with God?

I was reading the other day Genesis 18 – a fascinating exchange between Abraham and God.  Abraham does something here we are not supposed to do – he argues with … Continue Reading →

Joseph – confusedly joyful

I’ve been reading the “Christmas story” a lot lately – thinking about how profound a story this is – with so much history and future built into it.  I find myself … Continue Reading →

Beginnings – the story of us

We were created out of love – out of a relationship.  In the beginning God created us – God in relationship with himself.  Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit in communion … Continue Reading →


I was reading John 15 the other day and saw something I hadn’t noticed before – the word “pruned”: 1“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. 2He … Continue Reading →