Pondering the Trinity

The Trinity -one of the most perplexing concepts of Christianity.  It’s one of those things I don’t think we’ll every understand this side of heaven – but can appreciate deeply … Continue Reading →


Freedom – something so treasured, something fought for, died for, loved by so many.  The world again saw the desire of the human heart for freedom in the protests in … Continue Reading →

Acts of Reactive Kindness

I’ve watched the movie “Evan Almighty” quite a few times and find quite a few spiritual gems hidden within it. One of the themes of the movie is ARK – … Continue Reading →

Birth – a strange thing

Birth – it’s such a strange thing – something of both pain and joy.  For women this can be both the most painful and rewarding time of their lives.  For … Continue Reading →

God and the Prime Directive

I was listening to a podcast from Techstuff about the Tech of Doctor Who the other day.  This, along with Star Trek, is one of my favorite science fiction shows. … Continue Reading →

Circle of Control and God

I wrote earlier (Don’t own what’s not yours) about the tragedy of the human race – in that we spend some much of our time and energy focused on what … Continue Reading →

Real Life is Dirty

One of my hobbies is Model Railroading (see my Train Section) so I read Model Railroader Magazine a lot.  One of the most common themes of Model Railroading is weathering – making things … Continue Reading →

Power of Praise?

Sometimes it still surprises me – how much praising God can change me.  How something as simple as singing out to God cuts to the core and affects me so … Continue Reading →

Drawn to Him?

As I’ve been working on my Matthew Visual Bible Study I find myself drawn to the character of Jesus portrayed in this video – to that smile.  There’s something magical in … Continue Reading →