Matthew 3 – Do you see Jesus?

Jesus himself enters the story as an adult for the first time.  We get to see him in the video this week – we get to see our savior.


Intro Questions

  • Picture what Jesus looks like in your mind?  What does he look like?
  • More importantly – how does he act?  Is he happy? Is he sad?
  • Describe to the group who you think Jesus is – what’s your impression, your understanding of who he is (not theologically – but personally)

Watch Matthew 3

Video Debrief

  • What are you thinking after seeing the video?  What surprised or disturbed you?
  • Describe how Jesus was portrayed – what did you notice?
  • Does this brief clip challenge your picture of Jesus?

Dig  into the Text

  1. Who do you think John the Baptist was?  What was his role?
  2. Why did he dress and act the way he did – is there a biblical background?
  3. Do you think he treated the Pharisees fairly?  Where do you think the strong reaction came from – is the any history in the old testament to back him up?
  4. Why do you think Jesus said John needed to baptize him?
  5. What do you think the voice from heaven meant?

Deeper Questions

  1. Put yourself in John’s shoes – what would it have been like for Jesus to come to him?
  2. If you were a person in that crowd – what would it have been like to see that?
  3. Find any old testament passages that refer to John the Baptist.
  4. Did you ever think of Jesus smiling before?  Does it rock your view of him?

Application Questions

  1. Do some reflecting – where did your view of Jesus come from?
    • Did you get it from your family?
    • From your church?
    • Is it a reflection of you – of who you see yourself as?
    • Is it from the Bible?
  2. Which person in the story are you most like – a pharisee, a disciple of John, John himself?  Why?
  3. What view of Jesus does your church teach (either directory or indirectly).

Bonus/Deeper Study

  1. Watch the video again.
  2. Go through the new testament and look at how Jesus treated the Pharisee/teachers of the law – was it the same as John?
  3. Read the passages in Isiah that refer to John the Baptist.
  4. Research if and how baptism was used in the old testament.

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