God loves you

God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you when you don’t love yourself.  God loves you when you can’t hear his voice.  God … Continue Reading →


Freedom – something so treasured, something fought for, died for, loved by so many.  The world again saw the desire of the human heart for freedom in the protests in … Continue Reading →

Wisdom and Seduction

Sometimes the Bible again reinforces my belief in it – as it tells it like it is.  I was reading Proverbs 7 the other day and reflecting on how the … Continue Reading →

Arguing with God?

I was reading the other day Genesis 18 – a fascinating exchange between Abraham and God.  Abraham does something here we are not supposed to do – he argues with … Continue Reading →

Acts of Reactive Kindness

I’ve watched the movie “Evan Almighty” quite a few times and find quite a few spiritual gems hidden within it. One of the themes of the movie is ARK – … Continue Reading →

Birth – a strange thing

Birth – it’s such a strange thing – something of both pain and joy.  For women this can be both the most painful and rewarding time of their lives.  For … Continue Reading →

Joseph – confusedly joyful

I’ve been reading the “Christmas story” a lot lately – thinking about how profound a story this is – with so much history and future built into it.  I find myself … Continue Reading →

Beginnings – the story of us

We were created out of love – out of a relationship.  In the beginning God created us – God in relationship with himself.  Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit in communion … Continue Reading →


I was reading John 15 the other day and saw something I hadn’t noticed before – the word “pruned”: 1“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. 2He … Continue Reading →

God and the Prime Directive

I was listening to a podcast from Techstuff about the Tech of Doctor Who the other day.  This, along with Star Trek, is one of my favorite science fiction shows. … Continue Reading →